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 Mirdita has a great glorious history. It has lived since in the period of Noelit.

Based on archeological excavation Mirdita has Illyrian origin


Later on Miridta is involved in principality of Arber that has been mentioned as the first mediaeval Albanian State 1190-1216. As the founder of this state is known Progoni and later on Gjini and Dhimiter. Nderfandina is known as the most important center of this principality. For this was spoken clearly by the emblem of Arber found carved on a stone in the Catholic Church of Saint Maria. Foreign Scholars have written much more about Mirdita. One of the famous British writers Edit Durham has written Embelem of Mirdita has been as a sun with its beams.


Miridta has always been center of revolution and revolt against the different invaders. It is a great thing to be mentioned that Mirdita has clearly shown that is the single people that has not assimilated invader’s culture, religion and language. It is amazing that Mirdita and Albania that have been invaded over 500 years they speak Albanian language they have its culture and traditions. The highest areas of Mirdita are highlands of Fane with Munella Mountains 1991 m tall, an Zepa mountain 1987 m tall.


The lowest areas of Mirdita are Fangu Rasfiku, city of Rubik 59m over the level of Adriatic Sea also city of Rreshen over 75m compared with level of sea.

Mirdita is traversed by two of the largest rivers in Albania named Large Fane, Small Fane and some branches of them as Dibri, Shperdhaza, Sefta and finnaly river of Uraka.

Mirdita has a Mediterranean climate with average annual temperature 13 degrees Celsius. The average of the coldest season is 2.8 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature of the warmest season is 21 degrees Celsius.



            Population of Mirdita has gotten evr 50,000 inhabitans.

Center of Mirdita district is the city of Rreshen, since April 25th 1949 it has had over 15,000 inhabitants. Local Government of Mirdita is organized in two municipals and five communes. There are four cities and 84 villages. 






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